What Is A Label In Music

What Is A Label In Music

Do You Want To Know What Is A Label In Music?

Record labels are the companies sharing in the financial success of an album, EP, or single.

Each label is usually focused on one country or has separate offices in separate countries. Many successful artists are assigned to multiple record levels, each representing a different country or region of the world.

Independent Labels

Independent record levels make small to mid sized investments in promoting full length, EP, or single releases. They may do much of the promoting in house or will invest in third parties for things like publicity, social media, marketing, and so on. In some instances, the independent label will invest in recording and touring. This is called tour support. This is becoming less and less standard practice.

Subsidiary Labels

Subsidiary labels usually act just like independence with the distribution benefits of the major labels as the financial significance of distribution has diminished. This is less of a benefit than access to some of the resources a major label can provide. But this is usually done on a case by case basis. Major labels make large investments in recording, promoting, and touring.

The financial success of an of a single or album on a major label requires much more sales then it would, in most independent label situations. Before signing to any label, be sure that you are aware as to what the financial investment the label will be making into your career will be. And be sure that all of the support that they will be providing to your career is specified and agreed to.

You will want to confirm your distribution via digital streaming platforms. In addition, in physical media, in physical record stores. And where that distribution will happen too. Always be sure to consult an entertainment attorney with experience negotiating a recording contract before signing to a record level.

Now that you know what a label is in music, you know who you want to sign you. But make sure you get a good deal by working with an experienced attorney!