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Three Ways to Meet Music Industry Pros

Figuring out how to make the adage “It’s about who you know” an advantage rather than a disadvantage is one of those things I get asked about the most. Making connections with music industry pros is crucial and difficult. Connected is the course designed to tackle this challenge head-on.

I’ve had a long career in music. So I’m fortunate to now have a large number of people in my “network”. But, the truth is, I consider most of these people my friends. Some I’m closer with than others. But I rarely have to work with someone I don’t like. When I don’t like them, despite that, I usually respect the hell out of them. Otherwise I work with someone else who can do just as good a job.

But how did I start?

The first way I started meeting music industry pros, and this was pretty accidental, I worked with them.

I was a musician or promoter or road manager in my early years, and I formed lots of relationships with people I liked. And many of those people weren’t the label heads and booking agents and managers and so on they are now – they were local promoters, bartenders, stage crew and sound guys – people who, like me, were passionate about music and the music business and were determined to get their careers started however they could. Like I was.
I’m an outgoing person so it came naturally to me. If it doesn’t for you, make an effort anyway. Usually, the anxiety of how to start a conversation washes away shortly after the conversation begins. Introduce yourself. Remember names. Stay in touch.

The second way I started meeting music industry pros was going to music conferences like SXSW and Launch.

Approached the right way, these conferences are a goldmine for great contacts. If you’re serious about your career, make the investment.

The third way I started meeting music industry pros was asking for introductions.

It’s amazing how small the world is. The internet makes the connections that exist between you and the people you want to meet more apparent. If you know just a handful of people in your local scene or from regional touring, you’re probably only one or two connections away from the people you want to reach. Explore those connections and use them, or strategically build the web of contacts you need to surround the people you’re trying to meet.

Now that I’ve typed that out it sounds INCREDIBLY creepy, and I was fortunate to have developed a much more… natural network. But the truth is, if I wanted to be introduced to someone, I wasn’t shy asking my friends, who MIGHT be in touch with that person, for an introduction. I can’t tell you the number of times I meet people in the business now and it seems we spend hours talking about mutual friends. It’s strange we haven’t met before, but it happens. And those conversations are both fun and a great bonding experience.

These are just three of about a DOZEN or more methods we’ll be talking about during Connected. If you want to know how to meet people in the industry who will help your career, you won’t want to miss it.