Three Things You Must Have in Your Band Bio

Three Things Your Band Bio Must Have

Your Band Bio is How You Introduce Yourself to the World

To make a great first impression, make sure your Band Bio includes these three things

In your EPK, there are a number of important elements. Your photo, your video… These are obviously crucial elements to introducing yourself to the world. But your band bio could be the most important. And so many bands, frankly, SCREW IT UP.

I’ll write next week about three things your band bio should NOT have but wanted to write this week about three things it SHOULD.

For more on this topic, scroll down to the bottom to watch my video!

First, your band bio needs a story.

Your story is how potential fans and media will connect and be intrigued by your band before they have heard a note of your music. Your story is what interviewers are going to ask you about and want to know more about. It’s what makes YOU interesting.

Here’s an example of a great story IN ONLY SIX WORDS:

Baby shoes.

For sale.

Never worn.

These six words, extremely quickly, paint the outlines of a picture the imagination can’t wait to fill in. Can you write a story for your band in only six words? How about fifteen? Write a compelling story for your band in less than twenty words and NOW you have the start of a great band bio.

Second, you need a compelling description of your music.

Now, the LAZY way to write a compelling description of your music is to describe it as “this band” meets “that band”. YAWN. But this style IS effective in being compelling in that it references things people are familiar with and piques curiosity as to what that description might sound like. Be boring if you HAVE to, but it’s better to be creative and come up with a better way to use familiar references to describe your music.

Try it out with friends. “I heard this song. It sounds like <insert compelling description here>.” If they can’t wait to hear… YOU… based on your description, your description IS compelling and works.

Third, and this is my favorite, you need to launch above the line of super-credibility.

This isn’t my idea. This is a concept from startup guru Peter Diamandis. The idea is to make sure, while making your first impression, to associate yourself with people and brands (and brands) the reader will be familiar with and you want to be associated with.

Think about it. If you got dragged out to an opera and the venue was a bowling alley, you might have a different impression as to what that opera is GOING to be when you were initially proposed the idea. This is because you associated the opera with ONE idea in your head initially, but then when the venue turned out to be a bowling alley, you associate it with total different ideas. And your impression will sound and look different – BEFORE YOU HAVE HEARD A NOTE OF MUSIC.

The same idea happens in your band bio. When you associate yourself with names, you want those associations to suggest something to the reader. Check out the video below for a few ideas how to do this effectively.

I wrote previously about elements of a great EPK. Check out those posts here and here. Some of these ideas are discussed in those posts in more depth while I walk through an example of a great EPK. These are two of our most popular posts so I think you’ll find them effective as well.

Next week I’ll write about three things your band bio should NOT have. Don’t miss it!

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