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The ManageMental Podcast Episode 106 – Advice From the Industry: Part 3

The ManageMental Podcast with Blasko & Mike Mowery

Hypebot article “19 Marketing Predictions From Music Industry Experts” by Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR.

Janelle Rogers – Green Light Go Publicity: Blend Old School With New. The key to success in 2019 is blending old school with new school. As musicians embrace direct to fan social media tools and streaming options, they should also look at how to connect with the gatekeepers in media and influencers who can spread the word to the masses about their music. Blog coverage has been proven influential with the powers that be on the streaming platforms and also with booking opportunities. Streaming engagement and social media followings are just as important with influencing bloggers. Everything you do in 2019 should be with the interconnectivity in mind.”

Cherie Hu – Freelance Journalist: Get With The Power of Music Subscriptions. The dominant business model for digital music today seems to revolve around a user subscribing to a platform, rather than to an individual artist, with the platform dictating revenue distribution. But a growing number of companies like Patreon, Kickstarter’s Drip and the newly-launched Mixcloud Select are offering fans the opportunity to subscribe directly to their favorite artists or labels for a monthly fee, in exchange for exclusive content, access to subscriber events and other perks. In this scenario, the artist owns a direct line of communication with fans, keeps the lion’s share of revenue and can more effectively segment and service these fans than what is currently possible in a mass-market streaming environment.

Cheryl B. Engelhardt – In The Key Of Success: Do The Thing. My biggest piece of advice is to stop buzzing for a few days and do The Thing. What does that mean? For me, I am constantly juggling multiple projects, which I love. But at some point, something is getting pushed to the back-burner. The Thing, for me, was finishing writing my email series to my fans. Get good at email this year. Take the time to do it right. It’s your gold mine. It’s your relationship with your fans. It’s your access to growing your career. Stop buzzing, and set it up right. You will be relieved when you do.

Meghann Wright – Symphonic Distribution: Evolve To Thrive. As the industry changes, the best advice I can give is to be adaptive. Just like animals in the wild, you need to evolve to thrive. This means staying on top of trends, constantly educating yourself through podcasts, books, and timely articles. Whether you’re an artist or an industry player, the more you know, the more you can present yourself as a professional in your field. I can say this also from the artist’s perspective. I taught myself almost everything I know about independent marketing and release strategy, and curated symbiotic relationships in the industry through networking and scene involvement while I was an active professional touring artist. That means going to shows, going to events, and putting yourself out there. If you want to make it in the jungle, be a beast!

Melissa Nastasi – City Bird Publicity: Be Patient. One piece of advice I would strongly give to artists is to be patient. With the world of marketing and publicity forever changing, mainly on a year-to-year basis, the game often isn’t the same as you remember, or how your friends told you it would be.  Before heading out into the world, be sure you are putting together a strong timeline and string of assets going out, which will help to give a cohesive push moving forward. Remember success doesn’t usually happen overnight! Writers who may have covered your music or prior band in the past may no longer be writing at a certain publication, etc. The same goes for Spotify playlists. Don’t get discouraged if publications and playlists do not pick up your music and story immediately, as sometimes they have an inbox full of new music to digest on the daily.

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