Should I Record an Album or EP?

Should I Record an Album or EP?

Is it Better to Record an Album or EP?

The rules around whether to record an album or EP are changing – slowly.

Once upon a time, if you wanted to get any attention from industry or fans, you had to make an album. Noone bought singles. No promoter was putting you on a tour unless you were supporting a full length release.

My, have times changed.

But the question we possibly get asked more than any other at Outerloop Coaching is “should I release an album or EP?” And the number of times I have implored a student to at least CONSIDER the QUESTION is more times than I can count.

Because I feel strongly on the topic.

Unless a record label is paying the bills and demanding an album from you they can sell – record an EP.

Albums take a lot of time to record. And they’re expensive to record. Let’s be frank. Unless you have a large audience of fans already salivating, the album is going to LOSE YOU MONEY.

If you’re hoping to get signed on the power of the recordings, I can promise you it won’t be because “Track 10 just finally got their blood pumping.” No record label executive or booking agent is making a decision on your recording based on the 7th or 15th song they’ve heard from you.

So – record an EP!

EPs are a perfect way to economically release your music. And EPs collect only your BEST songs so industry folk will be enticed to want to listen to more.

I have FIVE more great reasons why I think an EP is an infinitely better choice than an album for unsigned artists. One reason I touched on in last week’s video about what a producer does. Watch the video below to find out what they are!

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