Our Most Popular Emails of 2017

Our Most Popular Emails of 2017

Email… I know… it’s dead, right?

But I still love using it. I set up meetings with it. I send news about my clients that matters to those it matters to. And I read a ton of it – from clients, friends, contacts, people I subscribe to…

This last item was inspiring to me. Nearly every morning I start my day by looking at emails, and some of my favorites are those from people I subscribe to – sharing new ideas, inspiration, whatever. I absorb it like crazy.

So I started to do the same thing. People are always asking me what I think and what I think it, so I started writing it all down and emailing it. Subscribe to my email list (there’s a link around here somewhere) and I’ll hit you with ideas every few days. Sometimes I go a few weeks without emailing at all, and then other times you’ll hear from me twice in a week, or maybe more, but I try to make them all worthwhile.

So I’m going to share a few of the most popular emails from last year over the next few weeks here on the blog. These are emails that got the most responses, opens, whatever. I’m not sure exactly how my team collated them but they ARE ones I felt good writing, so be sure to come back every few days for the next few weeks to check them out. And of course be sure to subscribe for more great emails in 2018!

If you want to get on the email list – just sign up at this link!

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