Jason Lancaster

Jason Lancaster

Lancaster’s debut album “As You Are” takes the same melodic-rock sensibilities from his previous work and frames them with a new sense of wisdom for the listener. Lancaster’s lyrics deliver a humble perspective of a man well versed in the trials and tribulations of growing up; touching on themes of faith, true romance, and the innocence of youth, “As You Are” is an album for music fans of every age and every stage of life.

“As You Are” is going to be such a huge cornerstone for me. It’s my first solo effort and with the fans getting behind it I think it’s going to be my most honest and heartfelt record yet,” Lancaster says.

The album provides a rich spectrum of upbeat rock music to soulful acoustic songs, telling the story of Lancaster’s return to the music scene. His growth as an artist shines through the twelve tracks, from the earnest heart-on-his-sleeve boy to a man of conviction and poetic insight. “As You Are” offers an experience to be heard, felt, and lived.

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