Be strategic about the songs you release to fans. Here's how. - Outerloop

Be strategic about the songs you release to fans. Here’s how.

Be strategic about the songs you release to fans. Here's how.

Recently, in our private Facebook group, a member was asking how to release a single when the album or EP the song was to be included on wasn’t yet ready. My Outerloop Coaching partner Paul answered the question so I’m going to include an updated version of his response below. I endorse!

But before I hand things over to Paul, I understand song releases aren’t for everyone, necessarily. But how a great EPK is put together? That IS for everyone. And I have two emails on that topic lined up to send you next. Stay tuned for those.

“Hi! I have been thinking a lot about the nature of singles in the streaming era. Take a look at what Outerloop Management have been attempting with Good Tiger. Their first single came out nearly eight months ago, and the album only came out four months later (Ed: February 9, 2018).

A friend manager is on his client’s third single in December 2017, and the album won’t come out until October or November… 2018!
Obviously, streaming has changed the way the industry, and fans, are both consuming and releasing songs.

To your own, issue, perhaps the way to release your song is to toss out tradition and work backwards from what you want.

Do you want to play more shows in 2018? Put the song out first as a live performance video then find a couple more live recordings that turned out well and release it as a “live EP” or a track available when fans buy an advanced ticket or…

Do you want to attract more visitors to your online merch store or one of your social media pages? Only make the track available there.

Do you want to develop new fans? Give it to a popular blog or traditional media site as an exclusive. (The exercise of offering the track to different sites will put you in the minds of media sites as an added side effect.)

The song itself could suggest how it needs be released. What are the lyrics about? Is there a news item or historical anniversary or something similar you could attract media and fan attention by centering the release around?

I recently heard a musician talking about how they put a cover image to their single and wrapped all their marketing efforts around the story of that image. If the image can tie well with the story from the song, or the story of the band itself, this COULD work but I’m a little more skeptical unless you have a more overarching point to what you’re trying to achieve with the song’s release.

Points are… be patient, be strategic, be creative. In that order. My two cents.”

See you next time!