How To Release Your Music On Social Media

How To Release Your Music On Social Media

A Step-By-Step Demonstration of How to Release Your Music Using Social Media

Watch this week’s video! 

Have you ever tried to release your music and it landed with… crickets?!?

One of the most powerful aspects of social media is how YOU control the message. You control the content and the timing. You control whether it’s a video or a graphic or text or text with a link.

Take advantage of this power! Use social media to generate excitement and anticipation in your fans so they will talk about you and, even more importantly, generate the momentum you need for a productive album cycle.

I say this over and over again. RESPECT YOUR MUSIC.

Release it the right way, with the right effort. A shoddy, unplanned release rollout is disrespecting your own art. Put the effort into getting your music into the hands of as many people as possible. Get it into their ears! Into their minds!

Don’t fear the spreadsheet – USE IT to plan your release rollout RIGHT

This week’s video shows you how to plan your next full-length album release rollout. But don’t get scared of the Google Sheet or Excel program used here. If you’re allergic to spreadsheets, use a whiteboard or posterboard (use pencil!) instead.

This is a VERY high overview of how to plan your social media posts for your release rollout. If you want to see how this is REALLY done, in incredible detail, so you can be ASSURED you are releasing your music the right way, check out Release It Right.

If you’re frustrated by how to release your music, you’re not doing it right

Imagine trying to sit down and figure out how to play a complicated song you just heard off Spotify. Maybe you have a talent for figuring this stuff out. I once road managed for a guy who wrote the tablature for one of the big guitar magazines. I can promise you, there aren’t very many people with an ear for it like THAT guy. He was one of a kind.

For the rest of us, sitting down with the tablature is much easier. We just need to play the right notes at the right times and – bam. It ain’t perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot closer than what we could have done in the same amount of time without the tab.

Why not do the same with a release rollout?

If you like the video above and want to know more, we built Release It Right to be like tablature for a release rollout. Stop putting a Twitter post up here and a Facebook post there. An Instagram video on occassion and then… nothing. Just follow the steps in RiR and you’ll have a killer release week. Every time.



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