How to Promote a Single Release

How to Promote a Single Release

Gain New Fans With Your New Single

Whether you are releasing a single as a standalone to get attention for your band or to build momentum for an upcoming EP or full length release, knowing how to promote a single release is critical. There should be three parts to your single release promotion strategy, your streaming platform strategy, your YouTube strategy and your social media strategy. Let’s break these down one by one.

Streaming Platform Strategy

For your streaming platform strategy. You first want to make sure that your digital distributor is getting your single onto all of the digital streaming platforms at the same time. Be sure to confirm that your single will be released not only to Spotify Apple music but also too Pandora, Amazon, Google play music, Deezer, YouTube Music, and the many others that exist. Check to see if they will be releasing your single on Bandcamp and if not, be sure you manually upload your single to that platform as well.

After your single has made it to the streaming platforms, focus a lot of your energy on Spotify. Spotify is the biggest and most popular of all of the streaming platforms. Be sure to locate and contact dozens and dozens of human curated playlists on Spotify that your single will be appropriate for. Contact the people who have created those playlists and get your song up there by getting your single onto lots of different playlists.

Spotify’s algorithms will notice the activity and the associations with other songs that they are seeing gain traffic and likes. When it sees that activity, it will place your single on the algorithm-created playlists that Spotify generates. These playlists get the largest audiences on the platform. By focusing all of your Spotify playlist attention on one song, your song will have the best chance to succeed.

YouTube Strategy

YouTube is a visual platform but gets tons of activity as well. Try to find enough money in your budget and enough time before release to produce a music video. Or, if nothing else, a lyric video that you can upload to YouTube. Get your video on YouTube at the same time that your song is being placed on the other streaming platforms. You’ll want to generate excitement amongst your fans for the music video before it goes to YouTube. Perhaps, set it as a premiere. Then, be present in order to get as many views as you can get as quickly as possible.

YouTube Music has just recently become available. It’s AI algorithms are going to work very similar to those being used by Spotify. Again, getting your music video into YouTube music playlists could be a next level opportunity for forward thinking. Independent musicians. Make sure your video is high quality, looks very professional and or matches your brand.

Social Media Strategy

Social media will be the way you generate awareness of the single on the streaming platforms and on YouTube posts often and utilize video clips and engaging contests and surveys to generate excitement for your video and single. Encourage sharing and encourage commenting. Be sure to reach out when you get comments from people who are not fans already of your social media pages. Ask those people to follow you on the social media platform they’ve commented on.

Promoting a single release can be a long and difficult process, but is the best way to generate new fans. Knowing how to promote a single release is key to this. Remember that every new single is building on the success of the last one.