Elements of a Great EPK – Continued

Elements of a Great EPK – Continued

I posted a few days ago about the elements of a really great EPK. If you missed that one, please go find it. You HAVE to read it.

We had to break up the post into two parts and here’s the conclusion. My Outerloop Coaching partner Paul is breaking down the excellent EPK for Release It Right students Final Drive, which you can check out here.

Let us know if there is anything we missed or anything you need more explanation on!

“Check out what Final Drive has under the YouTube embed – this is the piece de’resistance. It’s a huge validation of the band. This tells the viewer that FD are big and getting bigger. Did you react to this graphic with “Why have I not heard of these guys before?” (if you haven’t heard of them before, that is). THAT is the reaction everyone should have.

Peter H. Diamandis calls this “Launching Above the Line of Super-Credibility” and I LOVE that concept. It’s what FD have done here. They’ve sold a bunch of albums, they’ve charted in Billboard, no matter who you are – you want to learn more about this band based on this graphic.

Hell, I’d probably put it near the top of the EPK but it’s well-placed here, for sure (Ed: They moved it up!). It’s unmissable and it might be the most important part of the EPK. If you don’t have these kinds of results, what do you have? Do you have a good review in a popular blog? A great quote from a famous critic? Whatever you have, make it a graphic and include it well in your EPK.

Side note: if it’s a blog no one has ever heard of or a writer who has more fans during their shifts at Dairy Queen… do NOT include it prominently. This is a double-edged sword – great results, great associations are great for your EPK. Bad ones/novice ones are BAD for your EPK.

I won’t dig into the bio because that could be a blog post unto itself, but the bio is a good size – 4 or 5 relatively brief paragraphs, informative. Same applies here as with the “success graphic” I talked about in the previous paragraphs – associate yourself with great brands and successful entities. Name-drop like crazy. (Mike here – don’t name-drop like crazy, but yes, find a balance.)

If your producer works with P!nk and Jay-Z, mention it here. If you performed as a headliner for 3000+ people at a hometown festival, mention it (include photos or video!). If you toured with Lorde (hey look, I’m a poet too), even if it was only for 2 dates a month apart, put it in there.

The bio is KIND OF about telling people who your band is, sure. But this is your EPK and if you’re sending it to booking agents and record labels and the like, the bio is about making the reader feel stupid for not knowing about you sooner. The train is leaving the station and they’d better get on or they’ll miss it. So many people react from a place of fear – scare them into thinking they’d better sign you / go to your show / listen to more of your music or they’ll MISS out.

And DON’T be scared to present the best version of yourself possible.

Obviously, the contact info is crucial as well.

Other elements to consider…

Promo photo – make sure it’s awesome and everyone can be clearly seen. Distant shots suck. Cliches suck.

Merch – I love to look at it via a link but it’s a very optional item for an EPK.

Website – if the epk is not on your website (what? it’s not? change that!) then be sure you include a link to get to it.
Regarding the socials… everything is good to include but, right now, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are crucial.

Quick note – I LOVE the “Final Drive proudly abuses…” logos. Are they SPONSORED by these well-known companies? Who knows? But they’ve
associated themselves with these great brands, and that makes them look THAT much more legit.

Another quick note – the EPK is one of the most important tools for your band. Sixty Days to Signable goes through the EPK in a ton of detail because of it’s importance and how a great one reflects well-developed assets. Keep your eyes peeled for the next time we offer that course. Won’t be long now.”

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