There are very few GOOD EPK for musicians. Here’s one.

There are very few GOOD EPK for musicians. Here’s one.


One of the things we see all the time at Outerloop Management and Outerloop Records is, frankly, bad EPKs. The EPK is the “electronic press kit” – the one page on the internet you send to potential managers, booking agents, promoters, journalists, bloggers… everybody. This page is designed to drive interest in your band and to get them to want to be involved. The EPK for musicians has its own characteristics, unique to the industry.

A well-designed EPK for musicians is very difficult.

One of our Release It Right students has both an excellent EPK and has had some great results, as you can see from the graphic above. My Outerloop Coaching partner Paul walked members of our private Facebook group through Final Drive’s EPK, element-by-element, to show why it’s well done and why it would be a great EPK for YOU to consider as a template for YOUR EPK.

This response is lengthy so we’re breaking it up into two posts.

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Paul writes: is an excellent example of a really well-done EPK for musicians. Here are some things that you need to look for as you look at Final Drive’s EPK…

First, they have a great logo and that is front and center when you get to the page.

BUT, the logo is a great part of their branding, so THAT is why it’s so prominent. If you are not 100% happy with your logo, do NOT make it prominent. What should be prominent in YOUR EPK is the piece of branding that is integral, but also high-quality. This is your band’s first impression. You gotta make sure it delivers WHO you are as well as how great you are. That’s what FD does here with their logo. Be selective as to what you choose to use for you.

I love the banner of links to FD’s socials and media.

It’s not so prominent that it is the focus of the page but it is there to demonstrate the band is active on these platforms and the visitor to the EPK can find a hell of a lot more when they want to do so. Make sure you have no broken links!

The admat for ‘Dig Deeper’ is totally optional.

Check out the music video!

The video for Six Feet Down is a perfect choice. Not only is it a great song, it also delivers the band’s personality and sound in SECONDS. Those are crucial seconds with an EPK. Don’t waste it with a long intro or a verse that lasts too long. I used to think the hook needs to become apparent in 60 seconds or less. Nowadays, that might be closer to 45 or even 30 seconds. FD give you the hook in… oh… T-minus 1 second. Awesome.

Another quick note on music – have one song as the focus.

Don’t give me a link to your bandcamp page or a full album track list. Give me ONE song, preferably with a video the band can be seen in, and I’l dig for more if I want. Again, Final Drive do it right here. When I let the song play out (because I can’t EVER stop a Final Drive song mid-track) it goes right to the next video within the YouTube player. Definitely a best practice I recommend.

Check out what FD has under the YouTube embed…”

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