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Three Ways to Get Your Music Out There – Guest Post

how to get your music out there

How to Get Your Music Out There – Top Three Ways!

How to Market Your Music Independently

So one of the fundamental issues that we see all artists trying to push themselves in the underground is the simple fact that it’s so hard to get yourself out there. Fortunately – as a music marketer this is something I specialize in and have dug deep into with my educational video series on Instagram @MattBacon666.

What I wanted to dig into was a few key ways to start to get your music out there and get it to the people who will actually care about what you are doing. Best of all everything I outline here is going to be something that you can do for FREE! We will be talking about using Facebook groups to leverage your band, having an aggressive posting strategy and of course my most powerful tactic, building your Dream 100!

How to Get My Music Noticed Online

3. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are perhaps the best way and best place to effectively market your band in 2020. The thing is while Facebook is certainly a dying platform for a lot of industries, it remains strong for rock music for a variety of reasons. This has a lot to do with demographics, but also event pages which are essential for promoting your shows.

In a Facebook group you can much more easily start talking to people because they are so subdivided into relevant interests. So if you’re playing true metal in Slovenia, you can find the Facebook group for those people and start talking to them – it’s amazing. I suggest you find some relevant groups for you and start posting relevant content (Not just self promotion) and commenting on other peoples posts!

How to Get Your Music Heard On the Internet

2. Aggressive Posting Strategies

This is the big reason your music isn’t getting out there – you aren’t talking about it! This drives me crazier than anything. Bands will continually ask ‘why is no one engaging on our social media?’ or ‘How do we get more fans’ but then they never post! It sounds crazy but this is the reality we live in.

What I recommend is that you try to make a point of posting at least once a day on all your platforms so people see that you are regularly churning out content and have a reason to keep engaging. I don’t ever really see the bands who post once every three months actually getting anywhere. It’s really that simple, just showcase band shit, it always will help you grow.

How to Get People to Listen to Your Music

1. The Dream 100

Perhaps the most atypical option on this list it is also the one that is going to help your band the most – building the Dream 100. What the self promotion Dream 100 is is a list of 100 podcasts, blogs, magazines or whatever you want to be featured in. It will take some research but it’s really valuable. Then what you do is you reach out to all 100 of those people for coverage. Only a small percentage of people will cover you, but they are already hitting your dream fans so it will be building legitimacy.

On top of this you should build a Dream 100 of bands you want to play or tour with. Look at each of these bands and try to understand how they are promoting themselves and what you can do to emulate that. Even a baby band can pick up a few pointers looking at how Metallica, for instance, go out and promote themselves.

How can I promote my music in 2020?

In brief self promotion is pretty straightforward when you take the time to look at the people around you and try to learn from what they are doing. It’s not always easy, but engaging with others in Facebook groups, posting aggressively on social media and doing your best to emulate and engage with the 100 people you most want to interact with is only going to grow your band!

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