How to Become A Music Business Expert

How to Become A Music Business Expert

Paul here – co-founder of Outerloop Coaching. I usually edit and post Mike’s content here and in your emails, work with Mike developing curriculum, and generally run OC operations day-to-day while Mike is out making rock stars. Mike is integral to what OC does because of what he knows. While I have a background in the music business, much of that experience is now dated. I am not the music business expert Mike is.

While some things never change, a great amount of stuff is changing every day. And Mike’s inside knowledge of what is happening inside today’s music business is what makes OC’s content so vital and so far ahead of everything else out there. If I were running OC on my own, what I would be teaching would be outdated, and based on theory about what works currently. Mike is actually working for his clients, building careers, every single day.

That’s what makes him an expert.

How can you become a music business expert too?

We’re in the last, waning weeks of our 2018 Coaching Intensive Program. This one-of-a-kind program spent months running through important music business concepts during bi-monthly webinars by Mike and I with a whole bunch of special guests, each with his or her own expertise. Now the course has evolved into private coaching calls while the students put these concepts into practice.

Every one of our Coaching Intensive students has learned a ton about how to build their music business careers – from how to book their shows to how to increase Spotify streams to how to optimize their socials and website for listener retention… important stuff, and lots of it. But it won’t be until they actually DO IT that they will become experts themselves.

That’s the formula to become a music business expert: Learn + Do = Expertise

Be like Mike. Pay attention to what’s happening the business, especially as technology evolves. Listen to experts in all sorts of fields and think about how to apply those ideas to your career. Seek out people in the industry like Mike who are working in it every day and are willing to share their knowledge about what is working and not working for the careers of their clients as well as their own careers. But then… and this might be the most important part… DO IT. Every day. Build your career. Make mistakes. Try again. Keep trying. Keep building. Keep doing.

And you’ll become a music business expert.

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