How to Accomplish More in the Music Business In Less Time

How to Accomplish More in the Music Business In Less Time

The world is moving fast – why not your music career?

Please watch this week’s video to find out how to accomplish more in the music business – right away!

Build a team around you to accomplish more in the music business

It’s funny. I’ve been thinking about building a quiz so musicians can find out what kind of a band member they are. There’s the person who blows in and out of rehearsals, not answering phone calls or messages until gig-day (if you’re lucky). There’s the person who volunteers to help with everything but is then too busy to do them. There’s the person who only ever says ‘no’ to every idea but never has an idea of their own that doesn’t really, really suck (or put them at the center).

And then there’s you.

It’s a lonely journey building your band’s success. Often times, when the band succeeds, it’s the band’s success. And when the band doesn’t, it’s your fault.

But having a team around you is vital to accomplish more in the music business. And if your bandmates won’t or can’t be the team you need to help, you need to locate fans, friends, and family members who will.

“Delegation is the key to management,” is one of my favorite pieces of advice from my original music business mentor. Build a team, and delegate the tasks you need done to your team members. Start with the tasks you’re not good at or just really don’t want to do. Reward and celebrate your team members. Have regular group meetings so everyone can be held accountable to each other. If you have a talent for cooking, cater the meetings. Keep everyone engaged and motivated. And be loyal to them when they help you succeed.

Be sure to download Mike Mowery’s Music Management Primer and read it. Mike details who the team members are and what they do.

See you next week!

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