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How Long Does It Take to Become a Rock Star?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Rock Star

“Great content, done consistently, over time” – Mike Mowery

Outerloop Coaching co-founder Mike Mowery has nurtured the careers of many artists from the garage to theatres around the world, so don’t miss his advice! How long does it take to become a rock star? Mowery is one of the VERY FEW who know.

Mike Mowery says all the time – “great content, done consistently, over time” is what is the recipe for the success of his clients. And while not every client becomes a rock star, enough do that this mantra has proven to be correct. Here is why it works!

We all overestimate what we can accomplish in one year, and UNDERESTIMATE what we can accomplish in five.

It is natural when we get an idea, we get excited. And when that idea is “to become a rock star” we dive in with both feet. We put a lot of effort into our career for a short burst of time. This is great! But the number of artists who have acquired a record deal and leapt off of the couch and into the public imagination in a few weeks can be counted on one hand. If this is your strategy for a sustainable career in music, you’re better off playing the lottery!

While there is no specific answer as to how long it takes to become a rock star – and DEFINITELY no guarantees – there is a formula that works over time.

How long it takes to become a rock star has as much to do with sticking with your dream as it does pursuing it in the first place.

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Talent plus effort plus opportunity is what makes you successful as a musician in the music business. But effort is exponential! Become a rock star tomorrow as a result of your efforts today.

Effort today will pay dividends in the future, as long as you sustain your efforts. For example, you might put a music video up on YouTube today and get 1000 views in a month. YouTube pays you nothing. Your fanbase BARELY grows. But what happens if this isn’t your first video? What if this is your second, or third?

The results for your new video can be exponential compared to if you haven’t posted a video before. Instead of 1000 views and a new fan or two, now you’re getting 5000, 10,000, 20,000 views. And instead of one or two new fans, you have ten or twenty. Maybe a hundred.

And those new fans are telling their friends about you, making more new fans and getting you more views.

And just imagine what kind of income and opportunity comes as a result of your material today, once you are a star tomorrow. New people will continue to discover your “old” stuff. You just need to make new stuff now so they can find your old stuff later!

There are no guarantees of success. Results may vary.

But remember the formula – talent + opportunity + effort. You can practice scales all day and night. Learn more and more music theory so as to become a better songwriter. But these are just some components of talent. Sometimes, you just have IT. And it doesn’t matter how well you sing or don’t, you just have a way with things, an artistic charisma, that draws people to you and your music. We’ve all seen those people who pick up a guitar for the first time and somehow they’ve got a crowd around them a day later. That’s talent. That’s charisma. You can get better and better at your craft, but a large part of talent is also natural. There’s only so much you can do.

And opportunities can’t be controlled either. You can play venue after venue but keep missing the “right people” over and over again, like a nightmare game of whack-a-mole. You can make your chances for opportunities, but you can’t make opportunities.

So that leaves effort. You CAN control your effort. You can make smarter efforts and more productive efforts so your efforts are more valuable. But you control your effort. 100% – only you.

So nurture your talent and pursue opportunities, but be sure to consistently put great effort into your career to provide great results in the future. Make great content. Do it consistently. Over time. Voila. Rock star.