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How Cameo Can Help Your Music Career – Interview with Mat Devine

how cameo can help your music career

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Interview with Cameo Head of Music Partnerships Mat Devine

The following is a segment of our conversation with Mat along with recording artist Wax, Cody DeLong of Soundrink, as well as Crystal Torres and Mike Mowery of 10th St Entertainment. Look for the full panel conversation on our YouTube channel (available June 1, 2020).

Portions of this interview have been edited for clarity.

How Cameo Can Help Your Music Career – No Matter Your Popularity

Paul of Outerloop Coaching

Mat, you touched on a couple of things with cameo earlier that I wanted to circle back on. For the artists who don’t have the massive, massive numbers of fans… Where they might be beyond the developing stage, but not yet superstars. How are those music artists leveraging cameo really effectively to increase their revenue for themselves? And is it just a matter of identifying price point or is it more than that?

Mat of Cameo

Yeah, the price point is important because you can scale it.

You know, it can scale to pace with your popularity. Or it can just be a regulator of the volume of requests that you want to get. So there are some emerging artists that come on that are even more nascent than any of the artists that were just mentioned. Where it’s just another tool on their tool belt. Where they’ll set their price super low, and I mean like $5. Because that’s what a fan would pay probably for a meet and greet for them right now. And they made sure to go above and beyond and really show the value to their fans (of their Cameo recording). And it’s just like to Crystal’s point with Patreon, which is awesome to hear also. Yeah, they basically bake it into their schedule, you know. (Cameo is part of) the fabric of their promotions.

How to Be Effective With Your Cameo Recordings

Mat of Cameo

So consider it. Especially since each one of these (Cameo recordings) has a life of their own. Once they make it, and it’s really special to the fans and then the fans share, download them and share them on their socials and everything else. And that drives demand. They just make them really personable. They make them really sweet. The tone of the whole thing is very positive. In the case of Mike and Spencer and Ice Nine Kills for example, and to Wax‘s point, like really showing what it is, just quality. I think Wax’s answer to what leads to a super advantage is doing shit. That’s awesome. It’s kind of true. Like, and it’s the same. It’s the same with Cameo. So you see Spencer’s fans are just so devoted and he shows the love and it matters so much to them.

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Cameo For Emerging Artists

Mat of Cameo

So yeah, it’s, it is a cool tool for emerging talent. They just set their price really low and and then take it upon themselves. I have an interest in their success, so I would love to plug them into something cool. You know, we did a big Valentine’s day marketing blitz where at the time there’s an R&B singer named MAJOR. who no one really knew. But he was awesome to me. His manager was awesome to me. So I put him in right alongside big a list of names. He was the only non-household name in this really cool graphic that went out. And then he ended up winning a Grammy. I think he was at least nominated. But he’s since blown up and it was just cool for me to look back and just say, “Oh, cool.”

I want to be doing more stuff like that. I’m coming from that artist side. And I know, by hook or by crook, you’ve got to get everything. Everything helps. So yeah, we’re seeing young bands even blast out their albums and there’s singles on their Cameo profiles

I would say if I were starting right now, I’d have a Patreon account 100%, and probably roll a cameo into those Patreon offerings.

Conclusion – How Cameo Can Help Your Music Career

Paul of Outerloop Coaching

Cool. And I love that story that you tell about MAJOR. It’s that idea of launching above the line of credibility where the first time people see you, they’re already associating you with other artists that they already know and love and trust. So that it’s a really cool concept. I like that.

Much gratitude to Mat Devine of Cameo, Wax, Mike Mowery of 10th St Entertainment (manager of Ice Nine Kills), Cody DeLong of Soundrink, and Crystal Torres of 10th St Entertainment (manager of Bad Wolves) for joining us for this panel discussion on new revenue streams for independent musicians. For more information on how cameo can help your music career, check out the full conversation on our YouTube channel