[FREE WEBINAR] How we got Ice Nine Kills a #27 Debut on BILLBOARD! - Outerloop

[FREE WEBINAR] How we got Ice Nine Kills a #27 Debut on BILLBOARD!

Ice Nine Kills
We’re still fresh from the successful debut week of Ice Nine Kills’ The Silver Scream. If you didn’t know, Outerloop Coaching and Outerloop Management are part of Outerloop Group, and Ice Nine Kills is a client of Outerloop Management – so all the lessons we gain from Outerloop Management and Outerloop Records are what we teach in Outerloop Coaching. It’s what sets us apart. What we teach WORKS. We know, because we do it every single day. And when it stops working, we stop teaching it.


And boy, did the release of The Silver Scream WORK. We crushed all the estimates and predictions, crushed a whole bunch of other releases that week, and crushed even our own lofty expectations. I have the texts to prove it.


The truth is, The Silver Scream is an AMAZING album. People heard it and it resonated with them. There is absolutely no denying the quality of the album is a huge part of the reason the album succeeded – but if you’ve ever released an album you believed in and then the results weren’t what you expected, you KNOW the album quality is only part of the story.


So, how did we do it?


If you’re already a student of Release It Right, you know a fair amount already. But we experimented with a lot of different things with this release and we want to share what they were so you can apply them to your next release.


Well… we won’t be sharing EVERYTHING… we gotta keep the lights on somehow over here… but we WILL be sharing a ton.


We have some great surprises planned for the webinar as well. The webinar is open to everyone, so please help us spread the word. It will be great for those who have, and those who have NOT, gone through the Release It Right course.


More info in the days to come.