How to Submit Music to Blogs – And Get Covered

How to Submit Music to Blogs – And Get Covered

How to Submit Your Music to Blogs – And Get Covered

Why Music Blogs Aren’t Covering Your New Single

There are two competing economies in music right now. And this competition is making it challenging to submit music to blogs and expect coverage, especially when it’s a single. But it’s do-able! In this article, we walk you through how to submit your music to blogs properly, and get results.

Competing Economies

Independent artists are cutting their costs wherever they can. The opportunities for generating income directly from music is more challenging than it’s ever been before. As a result, recording and releasing singles and EPs as opposed to full-length albums, has become ideal for independent musicians. Especially those independent musicians self-funding the recording and releasing of their own music.

But the biggest argument for releasing full-length albums as opposed to, say, a string of singles, has been the unwillingness of music blogs to cover singles.

Music blogs are seeking clicks.

Part of their calculation is the number of people googling the artist and album or song title. And then clicking on their article. And with each review a blog writes needing to hit word counts in order to have a chance of getting to the first page of Google, most don’t believe investing the energy to write about singles to be worth it.

But times are changing for blogs too. More and more pop and hip hop artists are foregoing full-length releases for long, singles-only periods. And the music blogs HAVE to cover them. This influence will soon enough reach whatever blogs your genre is in.

How Can You Promote Your Music With No Money?

Building an audience takes releasing great content, consistently, over time. And the traditional album cycle runs counter to this. Why release a full-length album of songs, only to disappear after a month or two of promoting, only to pop up again a couple years later?
We talk about why this strategy is such a bad idea in this article here. But, in short, releasing single after single, or EP after EP, makes so much more sense for modern independent artists. You can be constantly growing your audience rather than undertaking a large full-length recording and rollout.
Media Needs to Catch Up
Now, one of the impediments to this strategy really working is the fact the media is not catching up to what’s happening in music from the artist perspective. Blogs will not do reviews of single songs. It‘s going to evolve and it’s going to change, but it hasn’t changed yet. That doesn’t mean that the idea of releasing single and only focusing on singles is a bad idea. In fact, think it might still be the best way. 

Take Creative Chances Without Consequences

With an all-singles release strategy, you are able to creatively try new and different things without your fanbase reacting so negatively as to disown youThis is unlike taking creative chances with a full-length release. If you do something creatively divisive on full length, the next three years are shot, and you’d probably lose fans along the way forever. But if you just put out song trying to do something interesting, think people are going to be more forgiving. They’re going to go, nah, it’s not my cup of tea, but we’ll see what happens on the next one.
Or they might react with extreme enthusiasmAnd now you have an idea as to what you want to creatively do going forward that excites your fans. If that is component of how you’re thinking about composing and would like to know if people react to this think song by song strategy is great way to do it. 

How Do You Get Songs Featured On Blogs?

So how do you get people who edit and produce blogs to write about song or do some sort of review? If you submit music to blogs like everyone else does, they almost never will.

Save Your Songs For a Newsworthy Event

There’s the one way where you tie the song to something newsworthy. So if you already have the attention of blog and you’ve got major lineup change, keep that major lineup change under wraps. Don’t tell anybody. Swear everyone to secrecy and then boom, hit everybody with the lineup change.
And here’s the song. Now people are going to write about the song because it’s tied to something major. Examples of major announcements could be lineup change or tour announcement. You could have bunch of stuff in your pocket, songs in your pocket, just waiting for something newsworthy to happen. You know, like it could be something terrible like bunch of gear stolen out of the van. “We need to raise money. Here’s our new single.” People will write about that. Now you’re getting people writing about your single when they wouldn’t before because you’re tying it to a newsworthy item. 

Draw Attention to an Issue

You can also use your lyrics as a way to pitch your song to a blog. Is there something in the lyrics that is something that the blog will talk about? Is it something personal perhaps, where you could tie to charity or somehow else draw attention to an issue? When you’re able to pitch the blogs, talking about your single in that context, then now you’ve got something where they think about it. What the blog wants is something people will read and click on. Isomeone reads the subject line and it’s about you, if you don’t have a demonstrably large fan following, there’s like nothing that will entice people to click because they’ve never heard of your band before.
The blogs are not going to write about you or your song. But if the blog is able to put together headline that makes people interested, then they’ll write an article for itAnd that might not necessarily be your band or be your single. But the moment that they click on it and read and you are entwined with that topic, now they are reading about you because they were interested in what you’re entwined with.

An Example

It’s pretty powerful when it works and it’s pretty cool. I’ve got couple of albums that I’m huge fan ofdidn’t listen to these albums because I’d heard of the band before. listened to them because had read something that went, “Yeah, that’s something that can relate to.” The topic that the band or album was tied to was something passionate to me.
And when I got to hear this album I found the artist was talking about the stuff that I’m thinking about. My favorite example of this working for me is the artist Quiet Company and their album “We Are All Where We Belong”. While the article that turned me on to their music was about their full-length album, it was the subject matter they were tied to that pulled me in and, arguably, led to the coverage in the first place. 
So the same thing can happen for you.

How Do You Get Your Music Heard?

An Analogy

Back in the day, when was touring musician myself and between tours was going to college and was working, one of the jobs that had was in this gift store. And the gift store used to sell Disney figurines and Thomas Kincade paintings and that sort of thing. And it was the beanie baby craze. The beanie babies were cool because the beanie babies had price max. You were only allowed to sell beanie baby for like seven bucks or eight bucks or 10 bucks, whatever it was. have no idea. No store was allowed to sell the beanie babies for more than the max price they were allowed.
So what would happen is they’d have release day on these beanie babies and all the beanie babies would sell out in minutes

The Profitable Twist

So the owners of this gift store that worked at had the coolest idea. They tied the beanie baby to piece of chocolate. If you wanted to buy the beanie baby, you had to buy the chocolate. That was some of the most expensive chocolate you’ve ever seen. The owners were like, “we’re not selling the beanie baby. We’re selling the beanie baby tied to the chocolate.” And so they would sell the beanie babies for like 40 bucks, 50 bucks, and people bought the snot out of them. They’d sell out in a day and it was incredibly more profitable for them. Mpoint is – when you submit music to blogs – tie yourself to something else that people want. You’re the chocolate and something else is the beanie baby. Tie yourself to it.
When people go into the store, which is the blog, and they see it and they want to buy it, or they click it, boom. There you are tied to it. And that’s pretty, pretty cool thing. Pretty powerful. 

How Do You Get a Music Blog To Premiere Your Song

What Is A Premiere?

A premiere is one of the best ways to draw attention to a new single. Music blogs will often be the exclusive place artists choose to premiere their new single. The blog is where fans can exclusively find the new single. This may be a day or several days prior to becoming available on streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Is It Worth It?

For artists, the calculation is whether the increased attention for the single on this one blog more than compensates for the lack of availability on platforms. For mega-fans, they will seek the song out wherever it is. As for casual fans, there will be some percentage who are upset the single isn’t more conveniently available to them.

For a blog with a large audience, willing to communicate in the accompanying text convincing reasons why their audience should give the single a listen, this can be an attractive ‘get’.

What is the Catch?

Many music blogs with large audiences have realized the benefits they provide artists by being the home of these exclusive premieres. Struggling with their own efforts to monetize their work, many blogs are now charging artists for these premieres.

You will have to gauge for yourself whether you think this is valuable enough to invest in. Frankly, it’s just another thing independent artists are being charged for they should be paid for. But, for the write kind of write-up on the right blog, this can be a great opportunity.


Music blogs are a great way to gain attention for your band and your music. But getting them to cover your song is going to be challenging. Pitching your music creatively can lead to greater coverage.

But pitching your songs just like everyone else is leads nowhere. Use these tips to begin getting coverage in blogs and gain more fans as a result!

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