From Zero to Hero in Six Months

From Zero to Hero in Six Months
I HAVE to share some of the really great comments we get, and this is a recent one I’m proud of. Sixty Days to Signable is the first course we produced at Outerloop Coaching and this student’s band is off to a great start – in no small part due to their talent and great first recordings.
There are some things we can’t provide at Outerloop Coaching. We can’t provide your talent and we can’t provide your work ethic. But we can provide you with knowledge, shortcuts, and a supportive community of motivated peers.
May I humbly suggest you put your efforts into your work ethic and your talent, and let us take care of the rest of it. It takes a lot of time and energy to sift through the dogs&#t information on the internet and in published books. Who has time for bulls&#t?
One of the most frustrating parts of working with and watching developing artists is seeing energy and time lost to bad ideas. Have you been told you need to hit the road to make it? Guess what? That is only SOMETIMES TRUE. And, even when it IS, it’s only part of what you need to be doing.
Did I just save you one van, a year of your life, a ton of money, and your hometown relationships? Maybe I could. My point is, you’re going to spend a lot of energy and effort (I hope) on your career. You already show you care about learning how best to work it by subscribing to these emails. Keep at it. Work smarter, not just harder.
What the above Sixty Days to Signable student accomplished in just a few short months is amazing – maybe he accomplished more than you have. But the truth is, he probably didn’t work harder than you did (well, MAYBE he did), and he probably isn’t more talented than you are (well, MAYBE he is). But he DEFINITELY worked SMARTER. And that’s the difference.
Now, check them out!

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